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英语家人介绍职业的作文初一上册 第1篇

I have a happy family .It is warm and nice. There are three peole in my family . My mother ,my father and I. My mother is a beautiful has two big eyes and a small my father is a strong man .My father and my mother are all the all work very a student .I study very love my family ,I love they love me!

英语家人介绍职业的作文初一上册 第2篇

There are five people in my family. They are my grandma, grandpa, dad, mom and I. Look! Grandma is watching TV. Grandpa is reading a book. Dad is writing an e-mail. Mom is cooking dinner. I am doing my homework. I love my family!


英语家人介绍职业的作文初一上册 第3篇

My father and mother and I, each morning, the three of us go our separate ways, each to the future, and the evening is the same. My father is an architect, and he works on the site every day. My mother is a salesman, and she doesn't refuse to come to the shop every day. I am a student, and I look like a chicken in the classroom every day. My three members of my family are congenial and affable. But when I did not do well, my father was also in the same room, and he beat me to the ground with a great deal of mother stood by and stood by and never was brave. Every time I pass the exam, I have a women's singles of 80, and the men's singles are 70, and the men and women are mixed doubles. This is my home -- a dynamic home.

英语家人介绍职业的作文初一上册 第4篇

Look,this is my family photo. Look the kind and old man is my grandfather. My grandmother is beside grandfather. And these are my parents. This is my mother. She’s very beautiful. This is my father. Who is this girl? This is me. I like reading books and playing computer. Those are my aunt and uncle. He looks very young! This is my cousin, she is a girl. She has not only a lovely face but also a lovely voice. This is my family.

英语家人介绍职业的作文初一上册 第5篇






英语家人介绍职业的作文初一上册 第6篇

Hello ,everybody .

My name is xxx .I‘m 14 years old . I'm a girl. I have long/ short hair and big/small eyes.

I used to study in XX Primary School. Now I am studying in ~~ Middle School. I did a class in the primary school . I'm crazy about English. Now English teacher surnamed ~~ . And I hope we will get along.

英语家人介绍职业的作文初一上册 第7篇

I have a happy family of four: capable of hardworking mom and dad, lively I, lovely sister.

Although my mom and dad is a factory, but they dont work as a boss, but just like other employees in the office, sitting in my office to do some thing to do.

My father, to work very hard, never late for work. Treat friends and colleagues, dad, warm-hearted. Dad is very diligent, came home from work, always help my mother do some housework. Father is very love me, no matter what I want, as long as useful, he will try to meet the requirements of I, school supplies, in particular, he is always needed. Treat sister, too. But my father always like to kid around with my sister, always make sister in distress situation.

Mom? Mother and father work in earnest. Mother sincere, amiable attitude, is a typical wife and mother. Mother every day to clean the home clean, make whole family everyone can live a easy life, but never heard her say, shout tired. Mother also often taught me to read to study hard. Mother encouraged me to study hard, but never use harsh punishment to force us to study. Mom, in addition to take care of our life that guide our reading, are particularly concerned about our health, I always feel the mother is greater than Confucius.

英语家人介绍职业的作文初一上册 第8篇

My name is Wang birthday is June 5th. I am Chinese. I am a study very favorite subject is English. I like it because it is interesting. I can play the piano and the trumpet, but not very well. I love swimming and I am good at all kinds of movies, I like comedies best. I think they're interesting. I’m one of the best students in my class. My teachers all say I am a good all like me and I like them, too.


英语家人介绍职业的作文初一上册 第9篇

Whenever I hear the song, I think of my happy family. I am like a grass, long on the earth, the earth is the mother, the sky is the father, I am in the arms of father and mother, grow slowly. I am lonely, my mother will find many good friends to accompany me, for example: squirrel brother, flower sister and leaf brother... I want to drink water, my father will rain, let me and my friends drink enough, if I want to bask in the sun, my father will come out of the sun.

You can see it clearly from my picture.

You see, a little girl with shaggy hair, holding a little bear in her hand, can you guess? This is me. My right side is dad. He is very strong, and he watches boxing every Sunday at noon, but dad is hardworking and gets up at five in the morning to make breakfast. My left is a kind mother, she is also very hard-working, the housework is mostly mother.

This is a picture of my mother's tenth anniversary.

Students, do you like our pictures? Like to go to my house to see!

英语家人介绍职业的作文初一上册 第10篇

My home is a happy, happy castle, my father is a hand in hand, my mother is gentle, I belong to love, do not love to do homework. Dad seemed to like telling me to do things like: when I got home, my father told me to do my homework. My father used to love playing mah-jongg. Once, my father said to go out and play mah-jongg for a little while. My mother asked me if I could go, but I agreed. When we arrived at the parlors, it was about nine or ten o 'clock in the morning, when we came out, it was dark. But with my mother and I, dad is basically not playing mah-jongg. Mom is gentle, and my mother and I have a pretty good relationship. Every time I have a problem, my mother usually teaches me. Mother is more love to play computer games, on one occasion, my dad hanging clothes call mother, mother is still in play, dad called many times mom just unwilling to leave the computer desk. I still love my home, even though the family has this small problem.

英语家人介绍职业的作文初一上册 第11篇


I live with every day and their families, very lively

My father:41-year-old. Is full of passion, he often point to things on the excitement, but very gentle personality.

My mother:

Forty-year-old. I highly respect her, but she will be able to see through, I have a mind of the terrible ability oh

Fourteen-year-old. The beginning of puberty, which is in the eyes of most adults would give rise to problems of the age. In short - I am a ghost crying. Is a special feeling rich, very simply, that the gas on gas, joking smile on people

My big sister:

Twelve-year-old. The younger sister in school or on the very character admit defeat. Recently, however, like a lot of convergence.

My Dadi:

Eleven-year-old. He is a terrorist Jiepi the little devil. To this kid, I sometimes had to play his brother. For example, his biological parents as a small black love (my dog).

My younger brother:

20-year-old. Abnormal rich imagination, not only do a little bit.

My young girl:

Two-year-old. She has her mother's and father's hair looks - especially the eyes, like the 8:20 point of view - very cute.

This is my family and I are very lovely family.

Fourteen-year-old, the future is what I am looking forward to!

My youth has just begun!

英语家人介绍职业的作文初一上册 第12篇











英语家人介绍职业的作文初一上册 第13篇

Look at the photo of my family. This is my grandfather, he is very kind .And that is my grandmother, that’s my mother. Who’s this man? Oh! He is my father .He’s tall and strong. I have a sister. She is in the this photo, too. Look! She is pretty. Where’s me? I’m behind the my sister. And these are my aunt and uncle. This boy is my cousin. I love my family.

英语家人介绍职业的作文初一上册 第14篇






英语家人介绍职业的作文初一上册 第15篇





英语家人介绍职业的作文初一上册 第16篇

Did I see my family on the third spring road? The three big pink houses, the last one, room 501. My little room was a terrible mess. Walk into the room and open my closet and you'll see red, yellow, purple, and blue, all the colors of the colors in my closet. You see, there are all kinds of cartoon characters on the door that I like best, such as Kitty cats, crayons and small animals. The room was so messed up that I had to tidy it up.

In my house, my father and mother always let me, because I am their daughter. As soon as they let me go, I said to them proudly, “I am the oldest in the family, and you all have to listen to me.” The parents had to say yes. At that moment I always smile with satisfaction. Although I am not very small at home, it is quite naughty. Don't believe it, I said you must believe: once, I took off my father's glasses and hung them on my ear. You can believe it this time! But be naughty and naughty, but you must do well in school. My father and mother often said to me, “it's up to you to read, but you can't manage it.” My mom just has some nagging, but I know mom does it for me. Dad, he loves me so much.

I was in my father's eyes, but I was his baby!

英语家人介绍职业的作文初一上册 第17篇



英语家人介绍职业的作文初一上册 第18篇

I have a happy family. My family have five poeple:grandpa, grandma, father, mother, and me.

My grandparents live in countryside. They have six rooms. The room is big. There are two apple in the ground. They have sixteen goats and three cows. The goat is white. The cow is yellow. They are healthy.

My parents and me live in city. My father is a worker. His work is hard. My mother is a high schools Chinese teacher, She take bicycle go to work at sevenclock. In the afternoon, she doesnt go home. In the evening, she make supper. The food is delicious. I am a student. I have Chinese, math and English everyday. That is boring. I have many friends. After class, I play with my friends.

We are tried, but we are very happy. I love my family

I am a happy boy(girl). There are three people in my family, my father, my mother and father is a work,he always work hard in the factory. My mother stays in, and does any housework for us, she is very have a online store, it is very interesting,I like this store, I can know more friends there, meanwhile I learn english, I am sure I can learn it very well if only I study hard.

My family is very happy, I love my family forever!

英语家人介绍职业的作文初一上册 第19篇

There are three people in my family, father, mother and I.

My dad loves to play computer, love to cook, love to play with me, but don't plan the plan, the result is not quality.

My mom loves to read, love to study, love to make a plan, but the action is not fast, the result has the quality not the speed.

I love to study, love sports, love to start, love to read... In my home, I can often see me jumping up and down, running around, learning, and having a good time.

My family is happy and happy. I love my home!






英语家人介绍职业的作文初一上册 第20篇

The family composition is 450 words 12: my family

In my house, there is a very humorous dad with a caring, education my mom, and a lovely me.

My dad works very hard and comes back every three days, and honestly, when he's not home, there's always a happy laugh in the house.

But he treats his work as a pursuit of life and takes every job seriously. Never care about little things, he often use some living examples to education I how to be a man, he often use some jokes to amuse my mother and I, when I was unhappy with some happy things make me happy. He also very hard-working, what are his in front, but sometimes he is very lazy, to sleep in every Sunday he didn't get up at half past nine, but also let's wake him up, so my father is a humorous, diligence and lazy people.

My mother is a housewife. She cleans, cooks and washes us every day... It's all her bag, but she's never too tired to do these chores seriously and care about me. Homework and writing have very strict requirements, mathematics is her strong point, so she always gave me some really, often also teach me how to use x equation, equations of the complicated formulas to do, is to let I expanded aspect of knowledge. It felt useful to me all my life, so she was able to train me with these difficult knowledge. She has a very strong temper and is prone to temper tantrums, but she can see how I feel, so we often communicate to find out the other person's shortcomings. This is my mother, who is strict and caring about me.

This is my home, warm and harmonious home.